It’s not a Perfect World

 In a perfect world, there would be a very profitable growing private sector business and a very efficient small government performing social support and security system for all, including unemployment and health benefits. And in a perfect world business and Government would divide responsibilities among themselves.  Business manages the economy during peacetime and stability, while the government interferes during wars and natural or man-made disasters.

مولود الجايجي وسوق الشورجة

” مولود الجايجي استطاع ان يقدم السكن والخبز والثقافة والكرامة لأبنائه من تلك الچايخانة المتواضعة ……  وقدم لعائلته ما لم يستطع الكثير من الميسورين من تقديمه لأبنائهم”.

من يحق له ابداء الرأي في الشعائر الحسينية