Supporting Al-Abadi’s Campaign Against Corruption

The Iraqi lefties are proud that they were the first to implement the anti-corruption Campaign unabated.

Today, when we find the highest authority, represented by the Prime Minister, adopting this project, we have to support it without hesitation and not to question his credibility for several reasons:

• The first is that under his leadership all the Iraqi cities were liberated from ISIS with minimal casualties.

• Secondly, he managed the Kurdish crisis with the utmost wisdom and patriotism and recovered the disputed territories without any bloodshed or retaliation.

• Thirdly, he represents himself and does not represent the Dawa Party.

• Fourthly, there is no suspicion in his demeanor or approach, nor is he displaying any sign of sectarianism or corruption. Al-Abadi needs strong support in order to overcome internal resistance, whether from the whales of Al-Dawa or the crocodiles of the Green zone.

Mohammad Hussain Alnajafi

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